Terms and conditions

Article 1 – Identity of the entrepreneur

Indigo Cosmetics B.V.
Willemsparkweg 95-1
1071 GV Amsterdam

Phone: 020-2610750
Email: info@indigocosmetics.nl
Bank Relationship: NL 98 ABNA 0607167386
K.v.K. number: 58763783
B.T.W. number: NL 853171208B01

Article 2 – Definitions

In these conditions apply:

1. Entrepreneur: the natural or legal products and / or remote services to consumers.
2. Consumer: the natural person not acting in the exercise of profession or business and a distance contract with the entrepreneur;
3. Day: calendar day;
4. Transaction Duration: a distance contract relating to a range of products and / or services, the supply and / or purchase is spread over time;
5. Distance contract: an agreement whereby in the framework of a system organized by the entrepreneur for distance selling of products and / or services until the conclusion of the agreement exclusive use of one or more communication techniques distance;
6. Technology for distance communication: means that can be used to conclude a contract, without the consumer and trader being in the same area;
7. Durable medium: any means that the consumer or business that enables information to him personally, store in a way that future consultation and unaltered reproduction of the stored information.
8. Grace period: The period within which the consumer can exercise his right of withdrawal;
9. Right of withdrawal: the ability for consumers to see within the waiting period of the contract;

Article 3 – Applicability

3.1 All offers, orders and agreements of Indigo Cosmetics BV These General Terms and Conditions apply.
3.2 Accepting an offer or placing an order means that you accept the applicability of these Conditions.
3.3 The provisions may be waived only in writing in these conditions, in which case the remaining provisions shall remain in full force.
3.4 All rights and claims, as in these conditions and any further agreements are negotiated on behalf of Indigo Cosmetics BV, are also stipulated for by Indigo Cosmetics BV intermediaries and other third parties.
3.5 All rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements to which these Conditions apply, including these conditions, only Dutch law.
3.6 All disputes between parties will be submitted exclusively to the competent court in the Netherlands.

Article 4 – Offers & Agreements

4.1 All offers of Indigo Cosmetics BV are free and Indigo Cosmetics BV expressly reserves the right to change prices, especially when necessary on the basis of legal requirements.
4.2 An agreement is only after acceptance of your order by Indigo Cosmetics BV. Indigo Cosmetics BV is entitled to refuse orders or attach certain conditions to the delivery, unless otherwise specified. If an order is not accepted, Indigo Cosmetics BV will inform you within ten working days of receipt of the order.

Article 5 – Prices & Payments

5.1 The prices for the products and services offered are in Euros, including VAT and excluding handling and shipping, taxes or other charges unless otherwise stated or agreed in writing.
5.2 Payment by companies (parlors) must be made without discount or compensation within fourteen days after the invoice date for deliveries within the Netherlands, and within twenty days after the invoice date for deliveries outside the Netherlands, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
5.3 Payment by consumers can be made by payment in advance or on receipt (by cash). When paying by bank or giro the date of payment is the date of crediting the bank account of Indigo Cosmetics BV respectively.
5.4 If you are exceeding the payment term you should have been from the day that payment is in default and you want a default interest of 1% per month or part month on the outstanding amount from that day. If payment is made after a demand by Indigo Cosmetics BV you will owe a sum of twenty-five euros for administration and if Indigo Cosmetics BV outsources its claim for collection, you also pay the collection costs, which at least fifteen percent of the outstanding amount, without prejudice Indigo Cosmetics BV to instead claim the actual extrajudicial collection costs.
5.5 If you are in default on any payment, Indigo Cosmetics BV authorized the execution of the agreement and related agreements to suspend or dissolve.
5.6 If the prices for the products and services increased in the period between the order and its execution, you are entitled to cancel the order or dissolve the agreement within ten days after notice of the increase by Indigo Cosmetics BV.

Article 6 – Delivery

1. The specified Vendor delivery times are indicative and never be regarded as deadlines. If the delivery or by (temporarily) out of stock or is delayed for other reasons, or if the order is not or only partially carried out, the Buyer will be notified no later than four working days after the day he gave his order , message. Purchaser in that case have the right to cancel the order without charge. Seller will then refund any advance payments, without payment of interest.
2. The seller is not obliged to further deliveries until the Buyer any payment defaults.
3. The delivery date is later than five working days from the day on which the Buyer has done his order with the Seller, if available.
4. The seller shall be entitled to make partial deliveries, unless otherwise agreed.
5. If you in writing to our shop an address, our shop is entitled to that address to send all orders, unless you state in writing to our shop of another address to which your orders are to be sent.

Article 7 Retention of title

7.1 The ownership of products is transferred only when all you owe under any agreement Indigo Cosmetics BV has complied. The risk of the goods shall pass at the time of delivery to you.

Article 8 – Liability

1. For misunderstanding, mutilation, delay or improper transmission of orders and messages resulting from the use of internet or any other means of communication between the Seller and the Buyer or Seller and third parties relating to the relationship between the Buyer and the Seller, the Seller is not liable, except to the extent there might be intent or gross negligence of the Seller.
2. The Seller’s liability shall never cover for loss or other indirect damages.
3. Seller shall, unless intent or gross negligence, be liable for direct or indirect damages resulting from breach of any intellectual or industrial property rights, licenses or other rights of third parties.
4. The above paragraphs Seller itself stipulated limitations or exclusions of liability and indemnification, are also stipulated for and on behalf of its employees, all other persons employed by it under the agreement, as well as for those from whom they involves goods and / or parts.
5. If you do not wish to purchase a product for any reason, uhet right product within four (4) business days after delivery to our webshopte. Returns are in this case is intact only accepted submitted packaging of the product and any plastic seal on the package is broken, also applies that the costs for returns are at your expense. Return of the products delivered to the Seller may take place only after prior written consent of Seller.
6. Our product warranty is given in accordance with the terms of our suppliers. 7. All rights remain stemming from intellectual and industrial property rights and copyrights held by the Seller. 8. Communications, data, statements and samples made or supplied by the Seller in any form whatsoever are only indicative and meant for Seller never binding, unless the contrary is stipulated in the agreement. 9. Our shop is competent in the execution of your order (s) use a third party use.

Article 8 – Warranty

8.1 If Indigo Cosmetics BV supplies products to the customer, Indigo Cosmetics BV is never obliged to a further guarantee in relation to the customer than when Indigo Cosmetics BV can claim against its supplier. Warranty will always be clearly indicated on the invoice. Complaints due to visible defects must conform to the contract and be submitted in writing within seven days of receipt of the goods by the customer. For consumers, a period of thirty days. Complaints which are received after the expiry of this deadline by Indigo Cosmetics BV need not by Indigo Cosmetics BV to be considered.

Article 9 – Force Majeure

9.1 Without prejudice to its other rights, Indigo Cosmetics BV case of force majeure the right, at its option, the execution of your order to suspend or terminate the agreement without judicial intervention by informing you of this in writing to parts and without Indigo Cosmetics BV liable for any damages, unless under the circumstances to standards of reasonableness and fairness.
9.2 Force majeure is defined as any failure can be attributed to Indigo Cosmetics BV because it is not due to her fault and not under the law, legal act or generally accepted for its account in traffic.

Article 10 – Miscellaneous

10.1 If you writing to Indigo Cosmetics BV of an address, Indigo Cosmetics BV entitled to that address to send all orders, unless you writing to Indigo Cosmetics BV of another address to which your orders are to be sent.
10.2 If Indigo Cosmetics BV for any length of time does not deviate from these Conditions, will not prejudice their right to demand immediate and strict compliance with these conditions. You can never assert any right by virtue of the fact that Indigo Cosmetics BV these conditions smoothly.
10.3 If one or more provisions of these Terms or any other agreement with Indigo Cosmetics BV in conflict with any applicable provision, are the relevant provision will lapse and will be replaced by adopting a by Indigo Cosmetics BV new lawful condition.
10.4 Indigo Cosmetics BV is competent in the execution of your order (s) use of third parties.


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The content, including all texts, pictures and logos on this site are property of respective owners businesses. The brands will only be enforced to visitors and customers of the website clearly which products are sold and in which part of the site, one is located.


This website is intended to provide information to our customers. We have the content of this website with the utmost care, but can not give any guarantees regarding the nature or content of the information on this site. We are not liable for the content of this information or for the consequences of their use.

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Privacy and Policy

Online purchases

Buying products online is fast, easy, convenient and secure. We respect the privacy of all users of the site and shall ensure that the personal information you give us will be treated confidentially. Indigo Cosmetics BV is committed to protect the confidentiality of the client when an online purchase and payment is made. Including taking care of the security of credit card data and other personal information. All personal information is encrypted as it is sent over the Internet.

Administrative and other purposes not for marketing purposes.

We use the information you enter at the site for administration purposes and any other purposes specified in the data forms themselves and / or on the pages or in e-mails that refer to these forms.

Direct Marketing

Through the information you have provided to us, we can provide you with the latest news about offers and services that we think you’re interested in it.

To whom are your data disclosed?

Disclosure of your data to others may be necessary to ensure that you have the products you bought, received quickly and smoothly.



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Accuracy of information and correct use

The user acknowledges that the data possibly supplied by him are complete, accurate and truthful. If another user abuse the system or for access by the user, the user is responsible.

Incorrect or improper use

Unauthorized or improper use of the website or its content may be an infringement of intellectual property rights, regulation, publication and / or communication in the broadest sense of the word, bring. You are responsible for everything you send from the web.


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The information is regularly updated on the site and / or modified. Indigo Cosmetics BV reserves the right to make any changes with immediate effect and without any notification. Given these conditions bind you as a visitor to our website Indigo Cosmetics BV encourages you to consult regularly on this page.

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