Dehydrated skin feels quickly dry and taut, often peels, gets red quickly and often reacts strongly to products. Everyone has a dehydrated skin once in a while, and it is important to always look at your skin. REALLY look, and not just put some little cream you already had on your face. It could be the beginning of many problems; but on the upside; addressing it often solves more problems than you think.

Your skin gets unbalanced, and produces tallow as a response, so you can even think that you have oily skin. Many acne- and impure skins are just dehydrated! A skin that you think is sensitive, can again be strong by only addressing this problem.

If you look closely, you see that after a flight your skin needs hydration, or after a day in the sun, after too little sleep or too much coffee, but also with aggressive peels and laser treatments.

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