About Vitamin C


We would like to high light our bestselling serum. Vitamin C is a multi-tasking super strength for your skin: it ensures that the skin remains elastic as it stimulates collagen production; It acts as an antioxidant and thus limits present, but also future UV damage and skin aging. It reduces redness, pigmentation, acne and rosacea.

The positive effects of vitamin C on the skin are well known, and many skin care products include vitamin C on the ingredients list. Many of these products however, provide no result ... Why are emerginC’s vitamin C products so effective?


By emerginC patented suspension system with airtight lipid encapsulation keeps the vitamin C remains in optimal condition. With each use of the pump these balls break and stable, non-oxidized vitamin C is supplied, with a maximum effect for the skin. This was a breakthrough that made the newspapers when the product was launched. We now have three active serums with this technology.

STAY-C 50 ®

Vitamin C is notoriously unstable, and once it is oxidized, it is not only not working, it damages the skin even... EmerginC uses Stay-C 50 as a stable derivative of vitamin C. Clinical studies have proven that Stay-C 50 reduces pigmentation, acne and age spots. Also, it is better absorbed by the skin than other forms of vitamin C.


The emerginC Vitamin C Serum contains enough vitamin C to be effective. Vitamin C works only at concentrations of 4%. Preferably in combination with other anti-oxidants such as vitamin E, such as present in our 12% or 20% serum.

Vitamin C serum 12%

EUR 78,95

Vitamin C serum 20%

EUR 89,90

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