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prevent and correct

Elementary for emerginc is that you prevent and correct your skin form skin problems. The emerginC cream you have chosen will bring your skin in perfect condition so that your serum can do its job to the max; a healthy skin will know what to do best with all the active ingredients which counter  the problem you want to target; be it wrinkles, redness, sensitivity, sallowness, discoloration, pigmentation or roughness. In any case, we have the perfect serum to help you.

For every emerginC product you buy, emerginC plants a tree

✔ Natural ingredients ✔ No artificial colors  ✔ No perfums  ✔ No animal testing
✔ No parabens ✔ No SLS ✔ No SLES ✔ No PEGs
Free delivery on orders above 40 euro in NL

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