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moisturize and treat

Our skin goes through a lot on a daily basis so e have to make sure we moisturize and treat it on a daily basis. We stretch it with our smiles, crunch it with our frowns, put it in heated rooms after being in the cold and wind, slather it with products and make up, and we are touching it all the time. Still we rely on it to keep us protected and to detox our systems while making us look our youngest and best. Everybody will understand that this deserves the best help possible; and emerginC has formulated state of the art creams to keep your skin doing what it’s supposed to do  and bring back that balance, healthy glow, smoothness and evenness, while being very very kind.  The combination of effectiveness and kindness makes your emerginc cream a cosmeceutical best friend that you soon will not be able to do without.

For every emerginC product you buy, emerginC plants a tree

✔ Natural ingredients ✔ No artificial colors  ✔ No perfums  ✔ No animal testing
✔ No parabens ✔ No SLS ✔ No SLES ✔ No PEGs
Free delivery on orders above 40 euro in NL

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