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exfoliate and peel

We like to exfoliate and peel. If you look under a microscope at your skin, you will see that at the end of a skincell’s life cycle it starts to look a little ‘cornflaky’. It can also start  looking like this because of external factors like weather, or aggressive products. This will dull your complexion and block the amazing ingredients in your emerginC products. We would like to stress the difference between ‘active’ and ‘agressive’. If you use high quality active ingredients, you don’t need aggressive peels and creams to get that smoother, younger effect. Our view is that these give a very short term effect but undermine the skin’s ability to take care of itself, and can be very damaging in the long run. We have a whole array of peels, polishes and scrubs in different strengths to suit all your skin’s needs, but all of them make sure your skin is cared for at the same time.

For every emerginC product you buy, we plant a tree

✔ Natural ingredients ✔ No artificial colors  ✔ No perfums  ✔ No animal testing
✔ No parabens ✔ No SLS ✔ No SLES ✔ No PEGs
Free delivery on orders above 40 euro in NL

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